How to Install Metal Garage Doors

How to Install Metal Garage Doors

Replacing a garage door is indispensible provided that you have a wooden door that has gotten distorted, misaligned or split over the long haul. Indeed, metal garage doors can dent or break. Installing a metal garage door is prolonged and normally will take two individuals a weekend to complete. Then again, with a little patience and scrupulousness, the undertaking can bring about a more engaging and practical garage door - the biggest moving part of your home.

  1. Join climate stripping to the bottom edge of the bottom panel of your metal garage door with galvanized material nails, emulating the producer's instructions. At that point, screw link sections to the door to secure the climate stripping, and place this bottom panel in the doorway.
  2. Drive 16 penny nails into the door support on every side of the metal garage door to secure the bottom panel. Connect pivots incorporated in your garage door pack to the top edge of the bottom panel; mount the sections incorporated with your metal garage door unit on the door pillars; and embed rollers into the sections consistent with the producer's instructions.
  3. Amass the vertical tracks for the garage door as per the item maker's guidelines, and stand one track on every side of your garage door. Slip the tracks onto the bottom panel's rollers on both sides, and screw the track to the doorway frame.
  4. Install the rollers into the second garage door panel, place the panel on top of the bottom panel and slip the rollers into the vertical track. At that point, append pivots to the second door panel and join the second panel to the first panel using pivot screws and a force drill.
  5. Install the third metal garage door panel on top of the second door panel taking after the guidelines in Step 4. Check to verify the vertical tracks are parallel to the garage door using a level, and attach the top plates of the vertical tracks by tightening their slack screws with a fastener torque.
  6. Amass the metal garage door pack's bended and flat tracks, accompanying the producer's bearings. Associate the vertical and even tracks using the bended corner tracks, and afterward put the top garage door panel in place taking after the headings in Step 4.
  7. Screw your metal garage door pack's incorporated back track pegs to a top side joist at both sides of the garage door, and mount the flat tracks to the hooks. Append the springs and lift link, which likewise are incorporated in the pack, to the door and hooks consistent with the maker's instructions.

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